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I’m Nan Jenkins

To say I am a passionate person could be an understatement, but I believe it will work for now. I love pinterest!!  I love small business. The idea of having a business that serves a purpose and helps others is just about the best thing I can think of! That is why I founded pin and go management. Being a small business owner can be stressful and lonly especially when you have to wear every hat. Trying to keep up with everything can sometimes take the forcus off of passion or joy that make you start the business in the first place. I enjoy working with small business owners, Solopreners, Direct Sales assoicalites and just about anybody. Being on the team, taking it to the next level is wickedly exciting for me. The skills I’ve invested in From learning website site design to the correct application of data analylics have all been to grow your business! I honesty can’t waited to join your team!

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caffeine in a cup

“Puddles happen Mommy.” 

                     Lily age 19 months

My favorite quote for 2018.

The world needs more successful small businesses. Let’s grow yours!