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January 23, 2019

3 simple hacks to lower your website bounce rate.

You’re a savvy business owner, you do your homework, keep on
top of latest wedding industry trends and yet you’re not fully book for 2019. Last
year was fun, but this year you want to grow your business like never before. Your
changing things up doing what you can to get more traffic, but they’re not staying on
your site, not booking. What can you do? Try these 3 simple Hacks to lower
bounce rate and book more weddings to showcase your quality work. So here are the
3 simple hacks to lower your bounce rate: speed, readability, and freebies! I
know what you’re thinking it can’t be that simple, but it really is. If you
want to lower your bounce rate, make sure your website has these three things
and your bounce rate will decrease. So, Let’s talk about bounce rate, and how speed,
readability, and freebies can lower your bounce
rate to where you want it to be!

What is bounce rate
and how does it affect my wedding business?

 Well bounce rate is the
percentage of visitors (or you can call them clients,
brides and or engaged couples)
that come to your site and then leave as
quick as they got there without seeing any of your awesome content or booking
you for their dream wedding.

While having a high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing it is always an indicator that tells you, if you’re getting the right people to your website. If your advising in the right places, then people looking for your awesome wedding service will click through to your landing page and do what you need them to do to become new clients! However, if you are advising in the wrong places or just anywhere because you haven’t discovered the best places to find your ideal client yet! Then your bounce rate maybe high because people coming to your site don’t want or need your awesome wedding services. This is one reason Pinterest is so awesome, getting the right dreamer to your wedding business can make all the difference.The affect on your business is simple the lower the bounce the more likely the visitors (or you can call them clients, brides and or engaged couples) will become leads, inquiries, and buyers!

  1. Speed

People have no patience its true, that’s why I put the 3
simple hacks as close to the top of the page as I could in case you didn’t wait
the whole 4 seconds, it would take to load this page and scroll down. This why
you want to make sure your site has fast load times along with clear easy to
read images and font that people can see and interact with right away. Not sure
what your load time is for your website try one of these great tools

test your website speed

  • Readability

You work hard! Your content is important. You want people to
read and enjoy your work, so they will use you to make their dream wedding a
reality! So, make sure that your content is readable. Here are some simple things
that make content more readable:

  1. Give them what they came for first (If your blog
    title says how to grow
    your wedding business organically tell them how then explain)
  2. Use bold keywords
  3. Use images, charts and graphs to explain (a
    picture is worth a thousand words especial to a couple getting married)
  4. Ask questions (get that potential client talking
    to you!)
  5. Always have a call to action but don’t make it
    sound like a sales call (Instead of book us today… try us today)

Want to know if your content is readable try these tools.

  • Freebies

You are wonderful!  You are the eventpro that everybody wants to make their dream wedding come true. Look at you! You read or skim all the way down to almost the end of this article, so just let me say you go a head with your bad self!


Why? Because most people won’t take the time to read or skim the whole article, so you want to give them as many reasons to stay and take a closer look as possible! Reward them! A great way to combat a high bounce rate is to raise your conversion rate. Make sure that the people landing on your site know exact what to do when they get there. For example, if your trying to grow your email list, offer a freebie for signing up or if your gathering info give out a special gift for taking the survey.             

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