Conversion Rate

Written by nanjenkinsworks


January 25, 2019

Increase conversion rate!

  A conversion rate as define by google is a completed activity, online or offline, that is important to the success of your business.  So as a savvy business owner you know having a website with a high conversion rate is good for business. For example, if you’re a wedding venue and you have an awesome curated Instagram account that newly engaged couples love to click on. That click takes them to your landing page and they sign up for your newsletter. This would be an example of a successful conversion. Sounds awesome and simple, but you as hard-working eventpro know it’s really not.  However, it’s not impossible. Here are three action you can take to improve your conversion rate.

  • Make sure new visitors know what to do…When new visitors land on your site after clicking on content from another site such as Pinterest or Instagram they’re expecting the content of that page to match what they click on. When it does the first step in building trust with a new client has been complete. So now you need to show them that your there to guide them by having clear instruction on what to do nest. For example, I saw an awesome wedding favor on your Instagram clicked on it. Now I’m skimming an article about that wedding favor on your website. What’s the next step? Do you want the client to purchase that wedding favor from you? Do you want the client to fill out a contact or email form? Whatever the next is it should be crystal clear to your client and be worthy of their effort.
  • Review your wording …. You don’t need a bunch of statics to tell you that people today don’t respond to a hard sell. No body wants to be sold, but as wedding professionals you know your clients are investing in their future. So, take a little time and review you wording, make them want you to be apart of building that future. Not sure what wording is going to get you the results you want try A/B spit testing it’s a great way to see what wording your clients like best. (insert infographic here about a/b testing)
  • Reward them…. So new visitors have come this far! Yay! They’re on your website reward them. Let them know how much you appreciate your clients! Freebie are a proven method of increasing client satisfaction rates. It also makes for great branding practices and building brand awareness. For example, you make a budget guide or DIY favor like a water body label, you make sure it has your branding then the use it and show all there wedding guest. The client gets a reward and you get extra eyes on your brand now that’s a win win situation just for you!


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