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Written by nanjenkinsworks


January 25, 2019

How to drive traffic to your site?

One the most important things for any small business website is traffic. In fact, I would say any website whether it’s an author’s official site or a Wedding planner blog they need traffic. Traffic is the buzz word Marketing industry uses to describe visitors to your site. For a business to stay in the black and grow profitable a descent amount of traffic is need everyday. I believe the way to achieve this is by building a foundation that will keep working for you no matter the turns in whatever industry you’re in.
The two pillars to the foundation you should build are; SEO and Social Media. Any business that has these three pillars set up correctly will drive more traffic to the site.
SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is define by google as helping search engines understand and present your content. It is usually about making small modifications to your site, that might seem too small to matter individually but put together have a big effect that drives more traffic to your site. Getting your SEO right can do wonders for your website. You can make it really simple and hire it out to someone you trustor you can DYI it. If your wanting to do it your self here are two links, I have found very useful.
For Those who would rather hire some one here are two links where you may be able to find the right person to work with.

Today more than ever before Social media is vital to small business. There are endless Types of Social Media From the comment and discuss style like Reddit to video basis like YouTube. All are great in their own way. The key to getting a great return on your invest of your time and energy on Social Media is finding the one that your ideal customer is most likely to use and then focus your attention there. So, say you’re a YA Romance Author whose target audience is 13 to 17.

Which has more in the age range 13 to 17 ?

According to Statista a great place to do a little research, there are more people in the age range this author is looking for on Instagram than Facebook. So, in this example by Focusing on Instagram the author has the potential to reach a bigger portion of their target age group. Reaching out to a larger audience means the author will have the power to drive more traffic to heir site.

In conclusion SEO and Social Media are the Foundation on which small business grow! Getting your Business organized so that you can take full advantage of everything they have to offer will on benefit you. There so many ways to build a good foundation with and smart and savvy business owner would not haste to invest in themselves by doing their own SEO and Social Media or by building their team and hiring someone to Management their Google SEO or Instagram.


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