What's a SOW?

SOW stands for Statement of work it is a written statement of work that may or maynot include goals and task  assisignments depending on each clients needs.

What is an evaluation?

An evaluation is a look at your business to determine what goals we need to set and how we can help your business. Pin and Go Management has 2 types a Mini and Full evaluation. All clients get a mini evaluation as part of the on boarding process. The Full evaluation is a paid for service that includes an assessment of your google, Pinterest, and Instagram analytics. A hashtag and keyword review and assessment. Plus, branding review and action plan to grow your business and make the most of the evaluation.

Do you require a contract?

We require a 3-month contract with a 30-day termination notice.

Is there a minimum and maximum time you recommend using your service for?

Yes — We recommend 9 months.(think of pinterest as your baby leads maker it needs time to develop fully. )With  about six-month miminum you will be able to see what works for you.

Do you create pins as well?

This service is included in our popular and perfect management packages

What’s a smart goal?

A SMART goal is a short statement that a person makes to lead them in the direction of what they want to accomplish. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Having goals written in a SMART format ensures that the goal-setter is clear on what they’re trying to accomplish, when and how.

How do your google management services work?

Our goal is making google work for you. So first we look at what google services your using and if you’re not we can set up which every service you need. Second, we make sure the services you’re currently using are given you the full benefits. Lastly, we make an actionable plan that can be used to react your smart goals

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